12 December 2016

Grey/White Blanket


I made this knit blanket for my newborn nephew…
Tejí esta mantita para mi sobrino que acaba de nacer…

It is a small blanket, designed to cover the baby while being carried on the stroller. It is made in wide stripes, alternating grey and white. I used this stitch (blocks of K10/P10) so that it would be reversible—it looks the same in the front and in the back.  All the border is made in seed st (k1,p1).

Es una manta pequeña, para que cubran al bebé cuando lo llevan en su carruaje. Está hecha con dos agujas, en franjas anchas de gris y blanco. Usé esta puntada (bloques de 10 der/10 rev) para que fuera reversible, siendo igual adelante y atrás. Todo el borde está hecho en punto musgo (1 der, 1 rev).


  1. Es muy bonita!!!

  2. It certainly is a beautiful make.

  3. Its adorable..i love basketweave

  4. It's beautiful Anna a lovely pattern and great that it's reversable. :) xx

  5. Anonymous12/13/2016

    All of your work is beautiful. I love the fantasy blanket and I am going to make it for a friend who is having a little girl. Will you please share with me yarn that does not pill. What yarn did you use on your fantasy blanket? Thanks so much!! Leslie

  6. It is lovely. I have a new niece or nephew arriving this spring, I need to make a blanket.

  7. Wonderful! It will keep the baby nicely warm :-).
    ♫♪♫ Merry Christmas! ♫♪♫
    Nata xxx

  8. Preciosa manta, Ana!

  9. it's really beautiful. thanks for sharing!



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